Downspout Diverter

Downspout Diverter


Another new accessory to make your rain chain work even better! Our new Diverter helps control your drainage by moving water away from the downspout or rain chain end point.

Hand cast in aluminum, then hand rubbed witha bronze finish, this is both beautiful and functional. It won’t move around, and the slanted bottom drains water out of one end. This is BETTER than the shallow resin and plastic copies out there, which splash in the rain and degrade in the sun and elements over time. Buy this once and never worry about it again.


Water drains too close to the house and you have a concern about flooding and/or water damage.
Heavy, hand cast piece will stay in place and last forever.
Helps reduce splashing at the bottom of your rain chain or downspout.

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Technical Specifications:
Length: 20″
Width: 9″ tapers to 6″
Height: 4″
Weight: 9 pounds

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