Mini-Gutter Installation System

Mini-Gutter Installation System


Don’t have a gutter, but want to enjoy a rain chain?

Another creative solution from RainChains.com: the Mini-Gutter™ rain chain installation system!

Now you can hang a rain chain and enjoy the soothing and beautiful effect of rainfall cascading down it, even if you don’t have gutters on your house. Great for that corner or doorway that collects a lot of runoff. Hang a rain chain outside a window or wherever you want. Attaches to the fascia easily with basic tools; all parts are included! (but not the tools)

What you get:

  • 2 foot section of pure copper K5 gutter, with end caps and one outlet (left or right placement)
  • 3 brass installation clips
  • 3 brass screws
  • Instructions for installation
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Technical Specifications:
length: 2 feet of “K-5” gutter
shipping weight: 5 lbs.

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