Copper cups

Copper cups
    • Cooper Kumo Cups


      Three small circles support a larger fluted cup, combining the beauty of both link and cup style rain chains. Made in stainless steel for strength, durability and lower cost, then plated in pure copper. The Japanese word “kumo” means “cloud”. Like all of our chains, comes with a V-hook for…

    • Double Lotus Brass & Copper Cups


      This chain is simply spectacular in appearance. Detailed, hand-cast brass chain elements combine with pure copper double cups to produce a stunning rain chain. Assembles easily with no tools in minutes. Please note that this chain is more decorative than functional; you may experience splashing with this product. Best used…

    • Extra Large Square Cups


      One of the larger cups we’ve ever made! A larger version of our Square Cups line of rain chains. Beautifully clean, straight lines. Made of pure copper. Individually crafted by hand, each side is press seamed for superior strength and durability. To prevent damage in transit and reduce packaging volume,…

    • Flat Rings™ Copper Link Rain Chain


      Flat rings in pure, unfinished copper, with folded edges for strength and a nicer appearance. Because of the flat surfaces, there is some splashing from the flow of water down the chain. Comes with a matching copper V hook for easy installation.

    • Flower Cups


      Here is a classic, asian-inspired flower design in 100% pure unfinished copper, beautifully understated. Nice medium size, suitable for most outdoor decor. Easy to adjust length, handles most waterfall amounts.    

    • Honey Suckle Cups


      A beautiful new large cup chain, to handle all waterflow conditions, made by hand in pure, thick copper. In the shape of a long honeysuckle flower, this elegant design just needs a hummingbird to come drink from it! Comes with a copper V-hook for easy installation.

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